Scholarships Information

The Justin Foundation was established to promote the future success of the youth of Rhea Valley Elementary, Damascus Middle School, and Holston High School by providing growth and leadership opportunities, educational programs, and academic scholarship. The Justin Foundation is a non-profit nondenominational Christian Foundation.

Selection and Evaluation Process

Scholarships are awarded on a yearly basis based on academic achievement, financial need, and community service. Please complete the scholarship application and provide all required documentation. Because the information that you provide on the application will be used to determine your eligibility for the scholarship, it is important you complete the application in its entirety. The applications are evaluated based on financial need, community service, grade point average, recommendation forms, and the answers to the essay questions. Please type or print the application legibly and neatly.

Availability of Funds

Scholarship awards are subject to the availability of funds. $1,000 Scholarships awarded to PHHS, AHS, and JSB will be for one year. Scholarships awarded to HHS may be renewable for three additional years of study if student is making satisfactory academic progress. All financial assistance will be taken into consideration when awarding scholarships so that the Justin Foundation may assist as many students as possible.

Qualifications to Apply

  • • Be a graduate of HHS, JSB, AHS, or PHHS

    • Demonstrate Financial Need
    EFC of less than 6500

    • Documented Community Service
    while a student in High School

    • Possess a 2.25 minimum cumulative
    grade point average (GPA)

    • Complete the Justin Scholarship
    application, the FAFSA, and provide
    all required documentation.

Required Documentation

What people say

"Thank you for everything you have done to our local community!"

- Leslie Anne M.

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